Chile has the largest underground mines in the world in terms of production and size. At 2019 will start the production from Chuquicamata Underground PMCHS aiming to reach large production in a few years. It is facing mining under high stress condition (El Teniente)

It also has a large experience in massive open pit mines Escondida

MassMin2020 is a world class conference which would provide a platform fórum for miner around the globe, in 2020 the idea is to look into the future of massive methods.

Topics of Underground Mining:

  • Preconditioning
  • Caving mechanics
  • Mine planning and design
  • Mine development (Tunneling)
  • Material handling systems

Special topics on Smart Underground Mining:

  • Integrated Remote Operations Center
  • Digital data & instrumentation
  • Big data
  • Automation of mining unit operations

Special topics of Surface Mining:

  • Automation and digital transformation of open pit mining
  • Tendencies in mineral handling systems
  • Transition and interaction between open pit and underground mining
  • Projects/Case studies